Monday, July 25, 2011

It takes 2 buildings to make a village

Over the next year, I plan to upgrade my terrain in Field of Glory.  I have a few nice pieces but I also have  too many felt pieces.  With the time and effort as I've put into painting four armies in the last year, its time to step up the other part of the visual presentation.  Money is an issue so I'll try my hand at making terrain with hardboard and wood putty.  Over the weekend, I couldn't pass up this 15mm building by JR Miniatures for $6.  With a Mediterranean feel, its perfect for the armies I run and a match for another building I've already painted. 
Primed white and ready to go.
Brown wash to give it age and character.  
White drybrush, some highlights and done!  I now have the start of a village.
Very affordable and very easy to get this into tabletop condition.  Now I need to order some hardboard from DickBlick, buy wood putty from the hardware store and then make the terrain for the buildings to to sit in.

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