Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Light Horse-Queen of the ancient battlefield?

I've been playing Field of Glory for almost a year and I find there is much to learn from every game.  I replay the match in my head as I drive home and in the days that follow.   I think about what worked and what failed.  I won’t be writing about my failures just yet due to the risk of inducing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I’d like to share something that works for me from game to game.  I’ve come to the conclusion that point for point, Light Horse is the best investment in the game.  And I’ve got a Carthaginian army list with 3 units of Numidian Light Horse to prove it! 

Saddles? Numidians don't need no stinking saddles!
Is the enemy jamming you with Light Foot?  Wheel your Light Horse over and charge them off the field!  If your opponent makes the mistake of standing in the face of a Light Horse charge, you’ll shortly be up 2 attrition points!  Is your opponent launching Pachyderms in your direction? Send a unit of Javelin armed Light Horse over and send them packing.  Want to sack your opponent’s camp but don’t know how?  Send a unit of Light Horse on a flank march!  With a double move of 14", Light Horse can stymie your opponent's second move.  I’ve used Light Horse to tie up an elite Legion in one game and the Sacred Band in another.  Denying your opponent the opportunity to stick in their best battle group with 28 points of Light Horse is an investment you can't pass up. Light Horse may not actually be the queen of the battlefield but they are the ultimate skirmishers.  
Akinjis bringing the spring colors.

In a crisis, you can create your very own “Charge of the Light Brigade.”  In a recent multiplayer match, 6 bases of Teutonic Knights were closing in on the rear of my allies’ Knights who were stuck in melee.  With no other help available, I charged my Akinjis Lights into the Teuton flank in hopes of delaying them just long enough for my ally to extricate himself from his delicate situation.  My Lights lasted through impact and melee phase.  The Knights conformed by turning bases and then expanded to crush the Lights.  Fists full of dice were thrown and yet, against all odds, the Lights held for two more turns!  Mission accomplished!

As we ride out into the sunset, I’ll share the lyrics to ancient Numidian Cavalry song that Woody Guthrie found and adapted for his classic, “I Ride an Old Paint.”

“I ride a Light Horse, I lead a fast pack, I’m going to the rear, I’ve a camp to sack,
We feed on the Light Foot, we water in the draw, our tails are matted, our opponents are raw,

Old man Giso, he had two sons, one joined the Lights and the other went wrong, 
his boy he died on the plains of Cannae, but still he keeps singing all of the day.

Ride around Light Horse, ride around real fast, hold the enemy by the nose and kick them in the..."

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