Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Far Fields

Three more pieces of terrain...this time I got more adventurous with a jigsaw in shaping the 8" by 10" hardboard.  I clustered the scatter/sand around the outer edges.  I did try to make a gully but failed.  At first, I built up lots of putty on the board and then carved out a gully.  Since 15mm figures must be able to move onto and through these without tipping over, I realized that what I'd done would not work.  I scraped off most of putty until I had just a thin layer remaining. I carved out gullies but again, it didn't look right.  Lastly, I tried painting a gully into the piece but that didn't turn out either.  Maybe I'll just put a letter "G" on the piece and call it good.    

Another farm field.
The peanut.  
The kidney bean. 
Enough with the terrain.  It's time to get a few games in.  The problem is summer is winding down here in Minnesota (NOOOO!) and its hard to get a game going when the weather is nice outside.

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