Thursday, October 27, 2011

SOLD! Tomb Kings Army

My Warhammer fantasy armies haven't seen a tabletop in years so its time to put them up on the block.   Looking for $150 plus shipping for this TK army.  Magnetized bases and movement trays.

20 Skeleton Warriors with hand weapons
40 Skeleton Warriors with bows
10 Skeleton Horsemen
2 Tomb Swarm
3 Chariots

These Skeletons were a big time sink to prune, clean and glue 6 bits to make 1 figure, prime, paint, wash, drybrush, highlight and flock with GW sand. If the army doesn't sell before the November 19th ReCon, I'll bring them down and parcel them out by the unit.

I've got more pics on a web album.   If you're interested, email me at m_luhmann at yahoo dot com.

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