Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Roman camp

Baggage/camp for my Impetus Mid-Republican Romans.  It was fairly boring until I added the dogs.  It's true what you've heard...dogs make everything better, including camps!  Hopefully, they'll help keep the barbarian hordes away from the  Roman baggage.  Tents by Baueda, figures by Xyston.

Cretan Archers and Balearic Slingers are queued up for painting next.  As mercenaries, these units are very portable and appear on many of the Mediterranean  army lists during this period. The 5 legions I've painted for Impetus plus velites and cavalry put me across the line for a 300 point MRR army.  Before I build the Roman list out any further, I'm going to paint another 300 point army for Impetus. So for now, I pronounce the Roman project finito!

Visuals are an important aspect of tabletop gaming.  Part of what drew me to Impetus is the visual aspect.  I wanted to see what a 15mm Impetus based army looked like on the tabletop compared to my Field of Glory based armies.  I put these guys out against my Carthaginians and I have to say, I'm pleased with the results!  Velites in the 1st line, Hastati in the 2nd and Principes in the 3rd line.  All in all, I think this is a fair representation of what Legions drawn up for battle might have looked like during the Punic Wars.

Next week, I'll start posting on my 28mm Gladiator Project!


  1. Like them a lot. The dog does set it off well!

  2. "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war"

  3. Thanks guys, and Mark, I do love that quote!

  4. Love the very authentic look.

    My favorite new saying about dogs is:

    'I hope one day to become the man that my dog thinks I am.

  5. Impetus basing wins every day;)

    What was the next Impetus army you are planing for?

    I to have recently painted a roman camp, but I added pig instead of dogs:)

    Best regards dalauppror

  6. Thanks sir! I love your Romans. You have a mastery of color I aim for one day.

    My next Impetus army is going to be Mithridatic Pontics. Great variety of troops and figures from Xyston. I think it'll be a blast to paint and play!

    1. Thanks Monty for your kind words:)

      Pontics sounds lika interessting army, lots of interesting troops, Scythed Chariot, pikes, imitation legionaries amongst others... God with some painting variety.

      Best regards Dalauppror