Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Play it forward...the Liebster

Phil at The Rifleman blog gave me the nod for the Liebster Blog award.  Phil, thank you sir!  If you've never visited The Rifleman, you need to check it out.  He does AARs in a way you've never seen before-see his recent Sedan battle report!  He also stages drop dead gorgeous armies from throughout history.  Phil blogs in both English and French but with Google Chrome and the built in translator, there's no reason to limit yourself to English  language blogs.
The cool thing about the Liebster is the chance to recommend 5 blogs.  Considering how many I follow and enjoy, it's an almost impossible task but here it goes:

1. The Monkey That Walks: Markus is a member of one of the best gaming clubs in the world, where he gets to play and paint EVERYTHING under the sun! His love of hobby shines through, as does his excellence in painting.   Always a fun read.  

2. Wilderness of Mirrors:  Gilles is another master painter who's always willing to offer advice for painting my 15mm armies.  I really appreciate his tutorials as well as his sense of humor!  If only I could take a tube under the ocean to visit, I would!

3. Der Feldmarschall:  Jason's "This week in Military History" posts are a blast to wade through and frankly, must take hours to collect.  His 28mm armies are to die for and when he does a Warhammer post, you'd think you were viewing White Dwarf on line.  

4. Sword and Sandal Gaming: Peter's blog  is one of the first ever I followed.  True to it's name, with an emphasis on ancients and Field of Glory along with Hail Caesar.  I've shamelessly used it as a reference for my painting many a time.  

5.  Tarty's Tin is a visual treat in 28mm. His new blog starts off with a bang and keeps rolling with Impetus armies from the Ancient through Medieval era.  Lovely stuff!

There are so very many great bloggers and painters that I haven't scratched the surface. So to save me from scouring the internet,  play it forward and recommend 5 more blogs, gentlemen!