Friday, December 21, 2012

The Christmas season!

I've got plenty of Hungarians to post but I also have a 250 watt natural light painting lamp under the Christmas tree.  It should improve my miniature photography so forgive me for a non-painting post! I hope you're enjoying the company of family and friends this Christmas season.  If you're hosting in-laws, remember to lay in a healthy supply of Winter Ales to get you through.  For some of you, only whiskey will do!  

Old Man Winter is back and mean as ever. Camped out in Minnesota for the next 5 months, he won't be happy until  the lack of sun and cabin fever drives us all over the edge.  He showed up this year with a bamboo pole, bragging how he'd taken up martial arts while resting in warmer climates. Vitamin D, don't fail me now!
Old Man Winter or Bacchus? It's hard to tell.
Snowstorms?  Ho Hum! Just because Old Man Winter dropped 16" of snow in a day doesn't mean life stops. 15 minutes of shoveling the deck and I was cooking with fire.  The free range snowflakes added extra sizzle!
I thought the traditional fetching of the tree might be over, on account of my kids being 16 and 17.  Instead, they insisted on it.  Next year, my son is off to college and the year after, my daughter as well.  It wasn't that long ago that I could beat them at video games!

No trees were harmed in the making of this picture.   

 The things I have to do to earn  a day at the club.  
As I hacked away with a candy-cane striped saw, my wife remarked, "A real man would use a double-bladed axe."   I think I got dangerously close to displaying plumber's crack in the last photo.  

Technically speaking, painting is not a Christmas tradition in my house but it is my favorite past time.  Being housebound means guilt-free hours at the painting table. No yard work, mowing or garden to tend to! With no lead mountain to fall back on, I was worried about what to paint after the Hungarians. I found a sprawling Saga collection at Bartertown and a few emails later, I've got 200+ figures coming.  It looks like it'll be enough to paint 2 Viking and 2 Norman warbands.  Score!  

Merry Christmas and happy painting to all!