Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paint Table Saturday - This is Sparta edition

This is my first time participating in Sofie's Paint Table Saturday. We have a Field of Glory campaign going and with frequent games, I was inspired to expand my stable of ancient armies.  At Bartertown, I found a cheap 15mm Spartan army.  Once I glued all the hoplites on Popsicle sticks, I realized this'll be more work than fun due to the sameness and repetition.  There are 200+ hoplites, 6 to a stick x 36 sticks. What was I thinking?

I then spent much too long reading about and weighing the merits of the Lambda versus unique shield designs.  I'll save my argumentative essay for a future post but in the end, I was convinced that I could, no, should use Lambdas for the shields of my classical Spartan army.

In 7 hours, I painted 96 figures to completion with base colors, a wash and selective highlighs, with 2 tone Lambdas on the shields.  To differentiate units, the 2nd batch will be painted with black and white shields.

I love M & M candies.  If I eat them straight from the bag, I keep going until I feel ill. That's how I feel right now.  Too much of anything puts you off, so it's time step away from the painting table and get some fresh air.  What is that bright orb in the sky, has it always been there?  

Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you do!