Saturday, April 30, 2016

Moors 'n more

There's a perception in SAGA that the Moors battleboard is under powered.  In my experience, they lack a hard punch in this melee-centric game.  That's where Naffatun come in. Naffatun represent "Greek Fire" and as Dogs of War, you can recruit them into any Muslim warband.  They're a bit of a gamble. Roll well and they'll deal death and fatigue on your enemy.  Roll poorly (1s) and they burn themselves up! Even with the eventual self-immolation, they're worth a spin. Double bonus if you can draw your opponent into an argument over whether Naffatun are historical or pure fantasy.

I had trouble picking my Naffatun figures out on the tabletop so I reworked them to make them stand out.  The bombs got three layers of red and I used wire + Woodland Scenic clumps to added flames. Now, it's no trouble at all to spot these fellows.  I sometimes play Ohio Players Fire on my phone just before I throwing my Naffatun dice.

I painted up another point of warriors in drab colors.  Not everyone can shine brightly.  

Now all that's left is to paint everything in my new box of Moors, and a bit more!  I'm over painting with the idea I'll field them against my El Cid Spanish in Hail Caesar.  

Springtime means spring cleaning.  I've reached the point where I have more painted lead than I have places to store it so my Byzantines are up for sale.  I painted a unit of Steppe Tribes to go with them. Great models by Gripping Beast, I love the Steppe ponies.  

Last up, I painted a new version of my Norse-Gael "Dragon's Head" banner.  The multicolored swallow tails really take it up a notch.  Here is the original in red and the new version with yellow and gold swallow tails.    
New, 100% improved!  I should write advertising copy, don't you think?
I've been on a SAGA bender and it's time to step away from that bottle.  I'll be painting, posting and playing Bolt Action and Frostgrave too. Really looking forward to giving fantasy a spin! 

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