Thursday, October 27, 2016


In the last 5 years, I've painted thousands of historical figures but no fantasy ones.  Frostgrave made me break this streak as Step 1 to trying the game is to paint figures for it. I'd hoped to buff today's post with a review of the rules but my friends and I are far down the historical rabbit hole.  One day!

So, how were these North Star Military figures to paint?  Their plastics went down easy but the metal sets were a trial! They're fantastic scuplts, jam-packed with layered and fine detail.  I had to slow down, stretch myself and learn a bit.  Crossing the finish line was a relief and I'm quite thankful to be back to historicals.  Perhaps I need to sit down with my fantasy-painting friends and learn some of their tricks.

Frostgrave Plastic Soldiers

 Cultist Thief & Barbarian

 Thief & Barbarian

 Elementalist & Apprentice

 Knight & Templar

 Illusionist & Apprentice

 Tracker & Warhound

 Apothecary & Marksman

After this bunch, I'm back to ancients, Moors, Mutataww'ia, El Cid Spanish and Dead Man's Hand. Can I take a sabbatical from work so I can paint and play more?  Um, I'm pretty sure no.