Saturday, March 10, 2018

Late Romans for Sale

I like to pay for my Adepticon Grand Melee weekend by culling the lead herd. This year, I'm selling my Footsore Late Romans. They're great for SAGA, Dux Britanniarum or your skirmish rules of choice. All bases magnetized and figures matt sealed.

20 levy + manuballista
8 mounted Hearthguard
8 foot Hearthguard
32 Warriors
12 Bow Warriors
Mounted Warlord and Foot warlord.

If I get lucky enough to sell to a buyer who can pick up in Chicago in two weeks, I'll throw in a lovely Sarrisa Roman Villa. Email me at for a price and a link to more pics. 

If you're going to Adepticon this year, stop by the Saga Great Hall and say hello.  I'll be the guy puzzling out how to play my new Goths.  


  1. A warband fit to grace any table! They certainly look spectacular. But how can you bear to part with them?

    1. Thanks Evan! Eventually, everything I paint hits the Sale queue. Otherwise, my house would collapse from the weight of lead.

  2. Good luck on the sale! Too bad I don’t need any late Romans. 😀

    Having bought from Monty before, I can recommend him highly.

  3. Best of luck Monty, they look so nice!

  4. Lovely looking late roman army!
    Best Iain