Sunday, October 21, 2012 with 100% more horse!

When painting a new army, you can sometimes find yourself  "in the weeds." So it was with these figures.  I ordered Xyston Caetrati foot and much to my surprise, I received mounted Caetrati. These figures appear to be out of production as I can't find them on eBay or Xyston.  Since they were perfect for the light horse units in my Iberian army, I considered myself lucky and buffed these figures out with the only Xyston Spanish light horse in production, Caetrati pillion riders.

I thought to myself, what's a pillion rider?  It's an extra rider on horse. The idea of two warriors fighting atop one horse seemed odd to me, even with the limited cavalry of the Iberians.  I posted on TPM and discovered the pillion rider figures were inspired by accounts of Caetrati riding double with horsemen and dismounting to fight. The historian Strabo wrote "they ride double on horseback, though in the time of battle one of the two fights on foot."  That makes sense.  Otherwise, a well-place pilum could score a two-for-one hit. Ouch - Ouch!

In keeping with my limited color palette, I used white and tan for the tunics.  I did splurge on the decorative trim on the ponies as I just couldn't help myself!

Last up today are slingers for my Iberian army.  I used a single color for the tunics and I think it is easy on the eyes.  Great detail and lively poses by Xyston.