Thursday, April 28, 2022

Victrix Gauls

Saga Age of Hannibal gave me a reason to finally paint naked Gauls in 28mm...bucket list item checked! Seriously, these Victrix plastics are quite lovely.  At the finish line, this warband is 48 warriors, 12 levy archers, and 6 chariots. The LBMS shield transfers make them shine. I couldn't find naked archers so I had to sub in Crusader Miniatures archers in pants. Not being warriors leading a from the front, they're not allowed to be sun clad.  After a year of Age of Hannibal, I can say the Gauls live up to the motto "When in doubt, charge!" 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Republican Romans

These are the first Aventine Miniatures I've ever painted. And I have to ask myself, how is it that I took so long to get on the Aventine Train? They were such a treat to paint that Aventine is now one of my favorite miniature makers. The only thing holding me back from a big spend is they're ruthless about taking down their ranges when they show any mold lines. As a small operation, that means whole ranges are off their site at any time. That's ok. I've got them bookmarked and will swoop in once their Steppe Tribes and Sassanid Persians are back.  

Painted for a Saga campaign but it'd be nice to find a way to use them in a bigger battle. In Saga, I've been running 3-4 points of warriors, 1 point of levy javelin (velites) 1-2 of hearthguard (triarii).  They're another fun board to run with a number of powerful combos.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Don River Cossacks for Bolt Action

While painting my Cossack cavalry, I painted 30 on foot and thought "That's the start of my next project." Cavalry in WW II dismounted before/once shots were fired, so that's the basis of this version. Also, I've never seen a "foot Cossacks" Bolt Action army so I decided to fix that. Different is good!

These are mostly Copplestone Casting Miniatures superbly sculpted by Mark Copplestone. Mixed in are some Siberia Miniatures and Warlord Games Soviet plastics with headswaps.  

I really enjoyed this project greatly and will continue to add a few more units and bits of character to the lot. I'm planning to debut them at a local Bolt Action event next month. Cheers and I hope you're staying warm!