Monday, April 12, 2021

Victrix Numidians

I finished up my Victrix Numidian warband this weekend.  Like many of my projects, this was not planned.  I got a box of mounted Numidian warriors as part of a trade. After putting them together, I loved the look of them so much I put in an order for a whole warband.  These lads will run under the Saga Age of Hannibal rules.  I've painted Numidians so many times in 15mm.  It was a treat to finally paint them in 28mm.  I'm greatly enjoying painting and playing ancients in this scale! 

The Ellie is from Northstar Miniatures.  I took a Numidian horseman, cut his legs off (sorry!) and used greenstuff to mount him on the elephant's neck.  If you want an Ellie bigger than the Victrix model or one without a Howdah, Northstar is a great alternative. 

Shout out to Little Big Men Stuido shield transfers.  Though pricey, they pop nicely once you paint them in and dull them down with a matte sealer.  I might buy and build the Numidian Shield and Spear infantry to round out this bunch. No project is every quite done, is it?