Friday, March 22, 2019

Bound for Adepticon!

4 days and 12 hours till I travel to Chicago for Adepticon and the US SAGA Grand Melee.  This year, I'm in 3 events and co-running a 4th. Thursday is a Legends of Camelot narrative organized and hosted by Joe Rogers of Saga Thorsday fame! Friday I'm co-running the Age of Vikings doubles. Saturday is the Age of Crusades and Sunday we finish with Age of Vikings.  Sooooo excited!  We have a bunch of regulars who turn out every year.  This is my one opportunity to catch up and game with Sagamites from all over the US and abroad too.

The author of SAGA, Alex Buchel, will be attending this year! Each night, I'll be down in the Great Hall for Night Saga. Night Saga includes libations, chill games and loads of laughs.

Here's my Welsh warband on a new display board. It's a bit simple because I'm using it for 3 events and warbands.  I'll use it for Bolt Action too. If you're attending Adepticon this year, pop into the Saga Great Hall and say hello!