Saturday, April 15, 2017

Terrain for Bolt Action, SAGA and Frostgrave

Inspired by the terrain at the US Grand Melee, I decided to clear out my terrain queue and buff out my meager collection.  Good terrain & nicely painted figures are key to walk-ups when you play in a public space like I do.

First up is the Warlord Games Plastic Ruined Hamlet.   The set was easy to assemble and paint with black primer and drybrushed shades of gray.  I mounted the ruins on MDF so I could do rubble-strewn floorboards.  Modeling pigments break up the sea of gray.  These will pull double-duty in Bolt Action and Frostgrave.

I've been a fan of the Fenris Games Viking Rune Stones since I laid eyes on them. The marshy theme was a bit of work but makes them flexible.  In SAGA, I can drop two of these in a terrain element and call it rocky ground OR a marsh. The leaf litter is Green Stuff World's Natural Leaf Litter.  I'm not entirely sure the split grey and brown basing works.  I can circle back and change it in the future if it bothers me enough.

This run was a nice boost to my terrain making confidence.  Now to get a game on and put it out on the table!