Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bang a Scutum, Celtiberians are done

Up today is a run that finishes out the ancient Spanish army I sold in January. All Xyston figures and once again, Xyston is a joy to paint.

First up are 16 bases of Celtiberian Scutarii heavy foot.  To set them apart from their Iberian breathren, I brought in dull yellow for tunics and bright yellow & runes for shields.  I'm quite pleased with how they look ranked up.  This seals the deal. I must find a partner for painting and playing Iberians and/or Celtiberians in 28mm.

I also painted up a small batch of Scutarii medium foot.  These fellows were painted to match the 42 bases of Iberian Scutarii I painted up previously.

With this, all of my 15mm painting is done and it's back to 28mm.