Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chain of Command - in with both feet

My friend Hugh and I are going to try Chain of Command just as soon as I finish painting up British Airborne.  I've had these fellows on the table since November but the thought of painting Denison smock put me off.  The camo on the smock was randomly applied, and as a result, every tutorial and painter has a different take on how to paint Denison in 28mm.

My conversation with myself while painting Denison went something like this:

Self:  "Don't hold back.  Just slop it on.  Randomly."
self:  ""
Self:  Checks a picture on the web,  "Triangular blobs and sharp edges.  Some overlap, but not too much. Don't put too much down and cover up the base color. And space it out a bit. And keep it random looking."
self:  "Like this?"
Self:  "No, you're doing it all wrong! Let me see that."  Stares at picture on the web.  "Hmmm."
self:  "Told you it was hard!"

This is my first crack at painting WW II.  It'll get easier  and faster as I get more reps under my belt. Denison version 1 was applied to a Foundry test figure.  I used a banding technique but it didn't look quite right so I quickly changed to v2.  v2 went on the Warlords Games British Airborne HQ set below.  I tried multidirectional angled bits that slopped over each other.  These looked better but the Army Painter soft tone wash obscured the camo.  Lets hope the 3rd time is a charm!
v3 went on a set of Crusader figs with a diluted AP wash.  Success!  They took paint very well and the camo looks decent.  With a painting scheme under my belt, it's onto some lovely Artizan figs.

For me, it's important to find a partner before starting new painting and gaming projects.  With one in hand, I'm into Chain of Command with both feet! We have yet to get our first game in and already, we're plotting out other armies and fronts.

The painting scheme is tucked under the fold.


Block paint figure in base colors, diluted wash, followed by selective highlights.

Beret:  flat brown 984, Red 947
Helmet:  German Camo Dark Green 979, Khaki 988- Hessian Strips are done in Khaki
Smock:  German Camo Beige 821 base coat, then Flat earth 983 plus Reflective Green 890 for pattern.
Webbing, gaitors, belt:  Green Gray 886
Pants:  Green brown 879
Respirator and scarf:  German Camo Dark Green 979
Rifle/Weapon wood:  Flat brown 984
Wash is Army Painter Soft tone diluted at a ratio of 2 parts wash, 1 part water. 

Bases are Milk Chocolate for block, highlight with Cocoa, and a light touch of Desert Sand. 

Following the rule "faces, bases and flags," flesh gets a full workout with a base of Hull Red 985 followed by Foundry Flesh 5A, 5B and 5C.  I do the Foundry highlights last so that neither the wash nor a stray brushstroke can ruin the skin.