Tuesday, June 10, 2014

British Airborne, 2nd drop

Up today is a British Airborne section.  There's lots of character in these Artizan Design figs. They were a pleasure to paint from start to finish.  They'll reinforce a Chain of Command commission I painted earlier this year.

I also finished a couple of drivers. In time, they'll be promoted from driving bottle caps to jeeps!
Since I was on a WW II painting kick, I pulled out my Chain of Command jump off markers and painted them up as well.  The resins from TooFatLardies take paint quite nice. I don't have any WW II troops of my own so this is putting the cart, er, barrel,  before the horse.  I'll post these up for sale rather leave them in a drawer while I mull over my WW II painting options.
At the risk of inducing whiplash in my readers, I'm jumping back in time for Dark Age painting and then comes a large run of Old West!