Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wagons Ho!

This Old West wagon is a Great Escape Games product for Dead Man's Hand.  The kit went together with the ease and precision we expect from 4Ground.  There's an option to build the wagon with ribs up for a different look. I primed it black and hit it with a light overspray of gray to get the look of weathered wood. A bit of drybrushing and mudsplatter sealed the deal.

The wagon lacks the Old West appeal of a Gatling gun, saloon gals or the Treasure of the Sierra Madres. Even so, the crusty old driver says that his conestoga wagon was how the West was won.

The wagon is a warmup for a big run of Old West painting for Dead Man's Hand.  With summer in full swing, my painting has slowed to the speed of a desert tortoise.  Last weekend, I didn't even get 1 minute of painting in! The gang is getting restless so I better get back to the brushes.