Saturday, August 9, 2014

Banditos for Dead Man's Hand

I'm back to the blog after a family vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I filled my days with hikes to waterfalls,  great food and local craft beers. Southern hospitality is alive and well. The locals I met treated me like a neighbor and not a road weary stranger. As much as I needed the break, it is great to be back home again and at the painting table.

Banditos are the last gang off the table for The Legend of Dead Man's Hand. With plethora of pistols as a gang attribute, they don't suffer "out of ammo" results. Ambush allows a gang member to disappear off the table and reappear elsewhere. They can also use hostages as human shields and also toss dynamite. When it comes to camp and color, banditos cannot be beat.

Figures in Dead Man's Hand get roughly used. When a figure tumbles from a 2nd or 3rd floor perch during a game, they can get chipped. I've switched to a Krylon Matte finish instead of my usual sealer to reduce chipping. While providing a bit more protection, Krylon also dries to a satin finish. All of this is to say that the figures look shinier in the pictures below than on the tabletop.  
I was able to expand my palette with this bunch. The Mexican blanket was a bit of fun and the gang leader in black was as well. He could almost pass as the great-great grandfather of Cheech Marin.
Before I paint, I profile my subject by collecting a folder of inspirational pictures and articles.  I found loads of great B & W photos of banditos. Here are a couple of my favorites.