Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Everything counts in large amounts

It's time for a quick look back at 2014. With both of my kids off to college, I was able to paint frequently AND get out for weekly games.  This gaming life is the good one!

SAGA is our game of choice since the epic SAGA Storm game day.  The Storm brought many new players in and I can find a match at Fantasy Flight Games on most Thursday nights. I’m thankful for the new friends I made last year through this hobby.

I’m also thankful for my brushes and paints.  Painting quiets my mind like nothing else and helps me forget my workday troubles.  Painting to audiobooks and podcasts is my favorite thing. I try to listen to something that matches my project.  As I was assembling two boxes of Warlord Games Soviets this week, I listened to Von Lucks “Panzer Commander.”  Luck's stories fired my imagination and carried me through the tedious process of assembling 70 plastic soldiers! 

I'm looking forward to new projects in the new year.  Some of our new SAGA players also play Bolt Action so I'm going to give that a try.  I painted lots of WW II figures last year but they were all on contract. This year, I'll paint a Soviet force that can double under Bolt Action or Chain of Command. With Muskets & Tomahawks in rotation, I'd like to also paint up my first French & Indian War figures.

I have a couple of things I'd like to accomplish this year.  I'd like to slow down and work on improving my technique.  Failing that, I'll trot out Stalin's line that "painting in quantity has a quality of it's own." Or something like that.  I'd like to put the brush down and make quality terrain this year as well. These recent pics illustrate how great terrain lifts up a game.  

My OCD-fueled painting tally shows 434 28mms and 1,271 15mm painted in 2014.   28mm output is down a bit from last year but 15mm is up. The excruciating details of what I painted are below the break.  

Here's to the New Year.  May it bring you great gaming and painting!  

434 28MM:

Normans: 48 Spearmen, 8 Flemish mercenaries

Bretons: 12 Javelinmen, 16 Mounted hearthguard, 8 Mounted Warriors, 1 Warlord

Anglo Saxon:
2 Anglo Saxon Warlords

Vikings: Warlord and 2nd

Dux B: 4 Pict crossbowmen, 4 British archers, Pict chariot, warlord, driver and 2 horses

Samurai: 8 Sohei Monk Bunrai, 9 Bushi Buntai, 4 Oxen

British WW II Paras: 56 foot, 1 AT Gun + 3 gunners, 4 jump off points, 2 jeep drivers

British WW II: 95 foot 

Norse Gael: 72 foot

Dead Man’s Hand 15 casualties, 4 townspeople, 7 Pinkerton Agency, 7 Apache, 7 Cavalry, 7 banditos, 2 bad guys, 5 hanging, Wild Bill Hickok and 3 civilians, Wagon, driver and 2 horses
Stagecoach, 4 horses, 2 drivers 2 passengers

1,271 15mm:

Dailami: 8 Slingers 16 Archers, 18 Ghazi Foot, Camp, 88 Cavalry

Celtiberians: 86 Heavy Scutarii

Gauls: 32 Archers, 96 Medium foot, 32 Light Horse

Spartans: 214 hoplites, 1 camp, 36 Psioli, 16 Cretan Archers, 20 Cavalry, 24 Thuriophoroi, 24 Medium Hoplites

Dacians: 72 Falxmen, 96 Javelinmen, 12 Light Cav, 12 Bastarne Cavalry, 36 Sarmatian Cavalry, 24 Light Bowmen, 24 light Javelinmen, 1 Camp, 8 Fort pieces

Ottoman Renaissance: 188 foot, 24 Cavalry

Late Republican Romans: 18 Numidian Light Horse, 8 Light horse archers, 2 ellies, 32 Archers