Thursday, January 29, 2015

Warlord, Wild Bill Hickok and a Fish

I've been logging long hours at the painting table tying up loose ends and rushing projects to the tabletop.  As a result, today's drop is a bit eclectic.

Up first is Gripping Beast's Macbeth.  He's a giant of a man who serves as a hero for a Scottish warband in SAGA.  The 3rd photo down gives you some idea of how large this figure is.  Let's just say he was not impressed by the puny Wild Bill.

Wild Bill and the bank heist figures are for Dead Man's Hand.  I think Bill would be pleased with his sculpt, especially the long and lovely locks!

My dad found a ceramic fish at a yard sale over the summer,  Since it was badly worn, he asked me to repaint it.  It looked like an ideal project for an airbrush so I set it aside until I bought one. Six months later, I still don't have an airbrush so I gave it a go with my brush. I'm not used to working in 1 to 1 scale and the flat surfaces were a challenge. A green wash and a sepia wash helped hide my brushstrokes. I don't think taxidermists have to worry about me cutting into their painting business!

In the weeks ahead, my posts will be focused and fish free. Our ancients group is switching rules and I'm painting up two new 15mm ancients armies as part the changeup.  If I want to see our ancients group grow, I need to have spare armies to lend out or field at demos.  Seeing as how I sold off most of my ancients collection last year, I've got a bit of work to do!