Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everything's Coming Up Ravens

This week, I'm off to Adepticon for my first big tournament.  It's been great fun building a list, brainstorming scenarios and hoisting beers over practice games.  Adepticon shared a picture of our Grand Melee swag and its sweet!  To wear all the Dark Age T-shirts I packed for this trip, I'll need to change after each round of the tournament. Is there an award for "Most Costume Changes?"
I told my buddies this magical raven T-shirt only works with Norse warbands. My friend John replied that any warband fighting under the raven T-shirt is destined to win but the bearer is doomed to die.  It's this kind of banter that makes our SAGA group shine! Despite John's warning, I added a raven war banner to my Norse-Gaels list.  Banner bearers, beware!
My friend Hugh is painting a Carthaginian army in 15mm and we've traded emails on how I paint in this scale.  He's kindly edited them into a "How To..." painting guide.  I'll share it once I figure out a form or format for that.

I've got some work in progress shots of Mid Republic Roman army I'm painting. West Wind's War and Empire range goes live in mid-April for the UK and mid-May for everybody else. If you're an ancients gamer, take a look at these for your next army.  They've got lots of armies and the excellent sculpting makes them easy to paint up.  As a painter and player, I'm thrilled to have another superb choice.  These are the days, my friends!