Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I ride a light horse...

Out of the corral today ride the Numidians.  To pop off of the brown basing and horses, I went with a lighter skin tone that what I suspect the ancient Berbers had.  If I've learned one thing painting 15mm, it's that you can't be subtle.

These West Wind figs get a big thumbs up for the variety of poses.  The hair is nicely modeled with a look that could be described as proto-dreadlock. Big shields are a plus for scratch shieldwork.

I'm reaching into the Way  Back machine for this, all the way back to my very first blog post.  In it, I adapted Woody Guthrie's classic, “I Ride an Old Paint”  to the ancient battlefield.  
I ride a light horse, 
I lead a fast pack, 
I’m heading round the flank,  
I got a camp to sack,
We feed on stragglers,
We water in the draws, 
Our tails are all matted, 
Our opponents are raw,

Old man Giso, 
He had two sons, 
One joined the cavalry,
and the other went wrong, 
his boy, he died on the plains of Cannae, 
but still he keeps singing all of the day

Ride around light horse, 
ride around real fast, 
hold the enemy by the nose and 
kick 'em in the ass

Below are the Numidians  who couldn't afford a pony.  These skirmishers have plenty of variety as well.  Now I'm onto the Spanish and then Carthaginians to finish out the project!

I've had a great run of luck at The Miniatures Page lately. Last week, I scored an unpainted 28mm Gallic army by Foundry.  8 chariots, 150 foot and 30ish cavalry = a BIG fall/winter project. I'd like to paint and base them for Impetus. I'm thrilled that I get to paint Foundry and ancients in 28mm for the first time.  Finally!

This week, I've been painting to the superb audiobook Lost to the West by Lars Brownworth.  As Fortuna would have it, I also found a large unpainted Thematic Byzantine army by Gripping Beast. Even though I don't have a solid plan for them, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity.  With this, I can now muscle up to the painters bar, hold my head up high and brag about my lead hill!