Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Generals and Majors

and Matthias Corvinus himself! In keeping with the theme of the Black Army, I painted the King's breastplate black with a glaze over the top. I painted 3 figures per base but after experimenting with the arrangement, I decided it was too crowded and downsized to 2 figures per command base. I also did faces as best I could and eyes on the king.  I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon...maybe once per army!

With that, the Medieval Hungarian army is complete and ready for the tabletop.  I'll order and paint up some cannons so I can port this army into Field of Glory Renaissance.

In celebration of this milestone, I'll extro the Hungarian Army project with one of my favorite musical bits by XTC.


  1. Great paintings !
    Next Month, I'll make the Hungarian Commander too.

  2. Thank you Takeo! I'm looking forward to seeing your commanders as well.

    This is uncanny! I went to buy a copy of Impetus tonight and then I read your blog and saw you just bought it. Add to that we've painted the same armies AND figures by the same manufacturers.


  3. Nice work. I like 'em, good horses, strong color, great base-work. Your bases have me reconsidering my standard "quick & easy" technigue.

  4. Hey Brent! Thanks!

    My basing technique is pretty quick and easy. It's based on the MacPhee Method found:

    I add larger scatter into the sand and Stilfor products. Other than that, I've tried other basing tricks and tips and I keep coming back to the original.