Friday, December 16, 2011

Hungarian Knights!

Hungarian knights in the 14-15th century were equipped much like their western counterparts.  Unlike their western counterparts, Hungarian knights didn't routinely charge everything that moved on the battlefield.  Repeatedly facing Ottoman Turk light horse tactics must have taught them to be cautious.  These knights are the core troops around which Matthias Corvinus' Black Army was built.  Much like a game of high stakes poker, you are "all in" when the knights go in! 

These are all Essex figures and they were a joy to paint.  Essex horses are just fantastic with a great variety of poses and figures.  I would say these figures represent my best work to date.  I took the time to black line the tack on the horses and I think it was worth the extra effort.  I also tried painting faces for the first time.  Not so easy with old eyes but its a start!  Forgive me for the number of photos but I'm pretty pleased with these 3 battlegroups.  I need to savor my painting victory before moving on to the command stands and camp.  The end of the Hungarian project is in sight! I'm really interested to see how they do against the Ottoman Turks. 


  1. Dear Mr.Monty.

    Thanks for your kindness Mail.
    Your Miniatures are So Great Paintings !
    Right Now,I making Hungarian Knights too.
    If this works finished,30 Knights are done.

  2. I bet you are pleased with them..they look brilliant!!!! I can picture them now smashing into the ottomans!!!!! Excellent!!

  3. Nice and colorful, and those horses look great too!

  4. I do have a "fever" to finish this army and get it on a tabletop! Each army I finish becomes my new favorite and the Hungarians are now "it."

    Part of this hobby is building confidence. I'm glad that the new things I tried turned out well because it gives me the confidence to take chances and progress as a painter. Thank you all for your comments and feedback. It really helps!

  5. Hey Monty, these look very good, you have done a top job. I have 4 10mm ancient armies painted up for FOG and was thinking of doing a 15mm essex dark ages army, not 100% sure due to the extra detail on the 15mm figs, I can't help think they will take much longer to paint than 10mm!



  6. Thanks Russ! Funny you mention that. I'm contemplating 28mm but my concern is the $ and how much longer it will take me to paint over 15mm.

    Truth is, you could prime these figures with Army Painter silver and put a Badab Black wash over it and they'd look great for the tabletop! I went overboard just to push my painting skills. For my next army, I might choose something a easier. Good luck with your decision Russ!