Friday, June 1, 2012


The Rhoxolani were a Sarmatian people that migrated toward what is now the Baragan steppes in Romania.  The historian Strabo described them as nomads.  The Rhoxolani were defeated by general Diophantus in Mithradates' Crimean campaign and subsequently came over to fight with the Pontics against Rome.  There is a small mention of 100 Sarmation cavalry distinguishing themselves in the First Mithridatic campaign.      

These horsemen wore scale armor made of metal or horn and fought with a long two-handed lance.  It's worth mentioning that they must have been great horsemen to ride a galloping horse with (a) no hands  leaning over to one side with a two handed lance (b) no stirrups (c) you and the horse each with armor.    They were fierce in combat and impact.  Thus, in Impetus, they're rated as Impetuous and throw 9 dice on impact.  That fistful is almost what you'd throw as later period Knights. 

Figures by Khurasan Miniatures.  I'd gladly buy Khurasan minis again but I've been spoiled by Essex and Old Glory when it comes to horse figures.  These are very lively poses and the scale armor is well done.  After all, scale armor is what it's about when it comes to painting the Rhoxolani!  

Let's wrap up with some artwork for inspiration.  Now, which way do I point the sharp end?  


  1. Really impressive and colorful!

  2. Your skills as a painter continue to amaze me!

  3. Thanks guys! Now I just need to get these fellows on a tabletop and let them go to town.

  4. Very nice! The Cataphracts are especially good!

  5. Very nice looking units !

    best regard Michael

  6. Lovely painting! The primary colour combinations stand out beautifully. I particularly like that green you use. What is the paint, if you don't mind my asking?


  7. Thanks Pru! Color combo is a tricky business with ancients.

    That color is Vallejo Game Color Foul Green. Yes, I have a mix of Vallejo Model Colr and Game Color.

  8. Very nice work. I've been painting up a 15mm Sarmatian army for FoG, using Donnington figures. I've got another 60 lancers to paint up, but there's no rush for them as I can already field over 800 points with ease.

  9. Thanks Tamsin! I've been following your blog and wow, you've painted a LOT of horse. I've never painted Donnington but both of your armies look very nice. And thanks for joining!

    1. Thanks - it's been a long, hard haul getting them done. I'm shocked that I wasn't already following this blog. I guess I must have missed the link when you joined mine.

      Donnington are very nice sculpts although they do sometimes need a lot of clean-up at the prep stage.