Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hey Now, Scythians Coming!

The Scythians were yet another nomadic tribe that served in the Pontic army. Known for their prowess on horseback and with the bow, they frequently raided the Greek city states on the Black Sea. The Kingdom of Bosphorus requested Pontic intervention to deal with their Scythian neighbors.  Not one to let an opportunity to expand slip by, Mithridates sent his navy, army, and general Diaophantus to subdue them.  The Scythians eventually agreed to become allies of Pontus as did Bosphorus.  With this pacification campaign complete, Mithridates enjoyed "almost inexhaustible supplies of men, grain, gold and raw materials."  Adrienne Mayor, "The Poison King." And  Mithridates would need every bit of it to go toe to toe with Rome.  

Figures by Xyston.  I was liberal with color selection but truthfully, if the Scythians of 88 BC were still dressing like it was 400 BC, I didn't do them justice.  I was working under the assumption that by 88 BC, they'd progressed past their "Liberace" phase.
Last of the Scythians.  Good with a piano, better with a compound bow!


  1. Very very nice! A lot of movement, a lot of colours...I was speeking about ancient Scytians, no the last one!
    Great work!

  2. Locely base !!!

    best regards Michael

  3. Lovely! (Same goes for the Cataphracts in the previous post, too!)

    one really has to give this to ancients and medival minis... they are colourful in a nice way!