Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pontic Heavy Cavalry

Last unit up are Persian Xystophoroi cavalry, representing the elite Pontic heavy cavalry.  The Impetus Pontic list allows a "Heavy Cavalry" option so you have leeway in choosing figures to represent this unit.  I chose Xyston's Xystophoroi to emphasize Mithridates' Hellenistic bend.

These scupts are phenomenal, packed with so much detail that they tested my painting abilities. I believe they are the best 15mm figures I've painted to date.  I generally find triads in 15mm a time consuming technique that doesn't pay proper dividends but the capes on these fellows are the exception to the rule. Just like new parents can't wait to show off their baby, I can't wait to show off mine!
The Pontics are the Swiss army knife of 88 BC with loads and loads of options!  At the finish line, my Pontic army is:

2 units of Heavy Cavalry
2 units of Rhoxolani Cavalry
2 units of Skythian Light Cavalry
1 unit of Arachosian Light Cavalry
1 Scythed Chariot
3 units of Thureophoroi foot
1 unit of Paphlagonian Javelinmen
2 unit of Bastarnae
4 units of Phalangite Pike
4 units of Galatians
2 Slinger skirmishers
2 Archer skirmishers

I like to close my projects with a musical number.  Mithridates went to war with Rome 3 times in his life so  I leave you with War "Why Can't We Be Friends?"


  1. Really nice job on these guys, Monty. Can't wait to see them in action!

  2. Really great work! I love your style of painting 15mm.
    Looking forward for battle reports, it must be very colourful.
    Keep that way!

  3. More stunning Impetus bases, realy good work here!

    It seems like you will get a very handy and stunning Swiss army knife.

    Best regards Michael

  4. A really great work on those two stands, looking very nice...I hope their ennemies will enjoy like me, and will end up being friends...

  5. Great looking unit! Indeed it looks as the army you picked has a bit of everything in it's tool box of war.


  6. Great work, I thought they were 25s...

  7. Thank you very much, fellows! I do appreciate your comments. And I saw what you did there Phil, lol.

  8. They look fantastic Monty! I quite like the metal work. I've been away for a few days, and am only just catching up - looks like you've been busy!

  9. Sweeeeeeet !..... fine job on those, very fine job indeed. Nice and punchy ! It's what you want for 15mm I think.

  10. Very nice... It seems every unit is more impressive than the one that came before it!

  11. Thanks! Fire, I appreciate your observation as I think I have a method for helmets and faces in 15mm that work for me.

    Tarty and dhc, I did put in the extra effort because these technically could be the guys the general rides with. Now on to the next project!

  12. Hey Monty!
    I know you sold your xyston Impetus armies...but it looks like some guy from Kansas has decided to sell your former armies on eBay?

    15MM Xyston painted DBA,DBM Successor army painted & based

    15MM Xyston painted DBA,DBM Rebulican Roman army painted & based

    If I made a mistake, my deepest apologies to you Sir! :o)


    1. Those are my 2 armies! If I could find any use for them, I'd buy them back.
      Man, the pictures he put up on eBay are terrible. ;-)

      Thanks for the heads up!