Monday, September 17, 2012

TYW Cannons & a new Hungarian project

I've been working through my lead pile while I'm between projects.  In my stack, I had 6 TYW cannons and gunners by Old Glory.  I bought these to port my Later Hungarian army into Field of Glory-Renaissance. As it turned out, FoG R in 15mm never got off the ground locally.  And more significantly,  I recently sold my Hungarians.  I painted these up for practice (and eBay) and I have to say, they're good molds.  For a changeup, I left the black primer in places for shadowing, separation and facial details.  It looks quite good in 15mm and I'll use this old school technique again.

I was happy to sell my Hungarians but felt a bit blue as I packed them up.  That was a bit odd since I'm not the sentimental type.  I found solace in the fact that the buyer is a skilled FoG tournament player in the US and International circuit.  As an added bonus, I got a commission to bulk up the army so one more time, for old times, I'll paint up Essex figures for Matthias' Black Army. The Hungarian word for forward is elore, so elore with the Hungarian project.  And one day, I do hope to hear how they've ripped it up on the FoG circuit.

One last thing...Mark and I started a Maurice campaign and we got our first game in at The Source.  The game was a blast, with loads of people stopping by to watch or comment.  It went right down to the wire but I don't want to say any more since Mark has the AAR up at his blog.  Its a great retelling of a great day of fun.  Check it out!