Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Old West Civilians & a kick in the rear

Up today is the last batch of figures for Dead Man's Hand.  I was glad to find a woman in the lot.  In addition to her sterling figure, she was the perfect excuse to bust out Reaper's MSP yellow triad.  Once again, Great Escape Games has served up an eclectic mix of characters including Billy the Kiddie.  This was a fun set to paint and I'm looking forward to an Old West game down the line.

This week, I went into work only to learn that I'd been furloughed and had 30 minutes to shut down and go home without pay.  Since the furlough was a slow train coming, I'd already grabbed some painting contracts to stay busy. Never one to miss an opportunity, my wife also gave me a "Honey Do" list. Once I saw none of her "Dos" involved painting, I chucked it.  Kidding!  I'd like to remain a married man so I'll work on her projects as well as the Saga contracts.  I'm spending long hours at the painting table to keep from moping around the house. Thank goodness for this hobby of ours!