Saturday, February 22, 2014

Norse Gaels warlord & wrapup

It's the finish line for another SAGA warband.  I turned the warlord that comes with the Norse Gaels pack into a bannerman. With both hands tucked behind a shield, he'd have made a non too threatening warlord. The lovely banner is by LBMS.

Last of the Norse Gaels hearthguard.  I've looked but cannot find the name of the loincloth-like protective kit these fellows are wearing.  I assume it's a Dark Ages protective cup?

While the Norse Gaels are an older line of Gripping Beast figs, the rough spots in some of them were surpassed by their character and energy.  Now I need to get these fellows out for a "test drive."

I've put my 15mm Later Hungarian army up for sale at the top of my blog. The poor fellows have not seen the light of day so off they'll go. No worries, I've got loads of unpainted lead coming in the mail to me right now. The seller told me one of my boxes weighs 19 lbs so I think it's safe to say I'm on my way to building a lead mountain!