Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sarmatians & more

In Field of Glory, Dacians can take a Sarmatian ally to field the superb Sarmatian lancer cavalry. That gives the Dacians cavalry equal to or superior to anyone else in period.
My heart briefly sank at the sight of 36 riders without lances or holes in their hands for the same. Out came the Dremel and in less than 30 minutes, I was done. Note the superb Ancient Warfare magazine, vol VI, issue 2 featuring Trajan's Dacian wars.  This magazine is a treasure which I find to be inspirational and informative!  The artwork is superb as well.  

Bastarne Cavalry: They're quite average for the period.  If I field them, it'll be to provide rear support. These bright geometric patterns were my first idea for Dacian shields. I wasn't thrilled with the results here so I'm striking out in another direction.
Light Horse: There might be a place for light horse in my Dacian army.  If so, these fellows are ready to serve, and swerve, when called upon.

I've been looking for inspiration in painting Dacian shields since the day I got this army from Old Glory.  The Dacian shield patterns found on Trajan's Column are unpaintable in 15mm and I did not like my first try above.  Looking for Plan C, I found inspiration at the Iron Mitten blog. Stay tuned!