Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Warlord Wednesday

As the winner of my 200 follower giveaway, Robert Hingley requested I paint up a Viking warlord. This fellow is a down payment on Robert's first SAGA warband.  SAGA allows up to a 50mm base for warlords, and I put it to use here.  The figures are by Gripping Beast and the banner is a transfer by the always fabulous Little Big Men Studios.  I can hear the warlord shouting "Quote the raven, nevermore, ya buggers!" He may not have said "buggers."  My ability to translate old Norse is a bit spotty but you get the idea.  Here's hoping this stout fellow serves Robert well on the tabletop!
I also went to work fixing my Breton warlord's dappled gray.  The dappling was too small so I applied larger mid gray spots as a base to scale up in lighter and larger gray spots. From 3 feet, this looks much better than my first try. I'm tempted to flatten it out with a wash but I've ruined a round of dappling already with a too dark wash. I  must remember Dean's advice to "paint for effect."  Always good advice!

Over the weekend, I stopped by the North Star Tournament.  North Star is a superbly run and attended Warhammer event.  This link takes you to their Facebook page with pictures of  37 gorgeous themed tables and spectacular fantasy armies. I recognized many of the players from SAGA Storm and everyone I spoke to was having a blast.
I'm sorely tempted to paint up a WH fantasy army and join the fun next year. Those of you who've been down this road know Warhammer is not an easy lift when it comes to the  rules, buying armies and painting.  My gaming plate is full so I'd have to push something off to add this project.  Stay tune.  If I make the crossover, it will be impossible to miss.