Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I love a man in a uniform

Today's title is a straight lift from one the more clever songs of the 80s.  +5 points if you know the band and yes, I'm keeping score! I've got a large drop of British under way for Chain of Command. This platoon is all Artizan Designs.  When a figure is modeled as well as these, I assume the sculptor is also a painter.  I used a basecoat, wash and selective highlights to give these some pop.

The photos start with each section, and then pics of the  teams that make up the section (or squad as we say in the US).  British sections were made up of a Bren gun team plus a rifle team.  Three sections make a platoon, including a HQ with a PIAT and 2" mortar team.  Specialists will be featured in future posts.

First Section
Rifle Team
Bren Team
Second section

Third section
Hugh and I started the CoC Market-Garden campaign found in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy #74.  The campaign is 4 linked battles representing the British 5 Platoon's spearhead for 3 Para’s advance on Arnhem. I ran the German training/replacement unit blocking the Para's advance. Thanks to some white hot dice and great generalship (tongue in cheek!), I beat Hugh's Para's quickly and soundly.

We reset and replayed the battle as the British must win to advance the campaign.  In our rematch, I got a beat-down before I withdrew off the table. My force morale plunged as a result and the next campaign battle just got exponentially more difficult for the Germans. Ouch!