Tuesday, November 25, 2014

US SAGA Grand Melee-I'm in!

Eric Hagen is co-running the US SAGA Grand Melee next March.  Eric organized the stellar SAGA Storm last fall, so the Grand Melee is guaranteed to be amazing. Two days of gaming, six scenarios, forty players and prizes galore...I've heard the call and I'm in!

I can't wait to see 40 warbands out on the tabletop.  I was planning to paint up a new warband to throw in for the "Best Painted" competition but I just picked up a huge 15mm painting contract. No worries as I have 5 warbands to choose from.

I've been playing Norse-Gael lately so I'm taking them. Personal challenges make up half of their battleboard and that means you have to win a pre-melee dice-off to unlock these abilities.  This makes them a bit of a gamble as losing a challenge costs you all the dice you parked on that ability!

A number of our local players have registered for the Melee and we've started weekly games to tune up.  As much as I enjoy painting and playing SAGA, I'm an average player.  I lose focus during the game, I fail to see the "long game" and if I have a beer on an empty stomach, victory is lost!  My chances of winning the Melee are equal to my chances of winning the Triple Crown. I do want to make a good show of it and practice games are perfect to that achieving that end.

With batttleboard abilities like Howling Axes and Slaughter, I'm buffing up my warband.  I've got some Footsore Miniatures axemen on the table and wow, they're lovely sculpts! I should also put in a plug for my new Nordic dice bag from Broake and Thumb Studios on eBay.  Here's hoping the raven rune brings me the lucky dice I'll need on game days!