Friday, November 25, 2011

Mid-Republican Romans


Old Glory figures on Litko bases for Field of Glory (FoG). Finished with a GW Purity Seal.  I've built this to comply with the MRR ratio requirements between the Velites, Hastati, Principes and Triarii.  It's painted and organized so it can be played as a Late Republican Roman army of 5 Legionaries - 8 bases each.

Hastati and Principes: 32 bases, 128 figures
Triarii: 8 bases, 32 figures
Italian Allies: 12 bases, 48 figures
Velites: 16 bases , 32 figures
Cretan Archers:  6 bases , 12 figures 
Cavalry:  8 bases, 24 figures
Command Stands: 4 bases, 16 figures
1 Camp
If you're interested, we can buff this army out further with Spanish Scutarii, Gallic Medium foot or Numidian Light Horse. 

Cretan Archers
Italian Allies
Italian Allied Pedites Extraordinarii


Contact me at  I could ship international but we'd have to iron out the details.


  1. Really nice looking army in my favorite period. I hope you get a buyer. I'd have to sell my third-born to come up the cash at the moment.

  2. Month.....I'm a maybe....what are we talkin.....klay

  3. Very nice. Especially like the allies.